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Accents Virtual Tours, LLC

Accents Virtual Tours is locally owned in Peachtree City, Georgia, southside of Atlanta.   Photographer and Designer, is Brenda Stewart.

Accents Virtual Tours offer dependable, professional service and customer support for all  Virtual Tour Services.  Our technlogy is not just limited to just Real Estate Tours. We can customize the look and feel of our Tours to create a Virtual Tour of any type of property, business or item and create an internet marketing campaign that downloads to dozens of websites.  We can also direct your tour to your own personal website.  Our services are just what you need to make you look your very best online!

As a virtual tour provider using Real Tour Vision technology, we can provide you with professional 360° home tours as well as 360° commercial tours in a timely fashion.

We provide Virtual photography and tours in the South Metro part of Atlanta Georgia,  including and not limited to, Fayette, Coweta, Carroll county and will travel outside of these areas as needed.


What Are The Benefits of A Virtual Tour

March 2, 2014, 2:52 pm

- If customers are far away, the user can walk through your area or business as if they are actually there- increasing the decision-making, reducing the co-influence.
- Homebuyers who use virtual tours as a significant portion of their home buying experience, spent and an average of two weeks with a realtor looking at homes, compared to those who did not use the internet, spent an average of seven weeks looking for their home.
- Half of American adult Internet users (61%) have taken virtual tours of another location online and on a typical day, more than 6 million people are taking virtual tours in cyberspace.
- 79% of repeat buyers and 84% of first-time buyers use Internet search for a home.
- Images are one of the biggest reasons Internet marketing has become so popular
- 33% of all buyers are now using social networking sites, 19% using them at least a few times per week.
- In cyberspace, a site with a virtual tour and interactive media will receive 38% more views than a competitor site that is lacking media.
- 80% of consumers search for information online. That means at least 60% of your marketing dollars should be spent optimizing your company online.
- The daily cost for print advertising varies from $66-$150 per day and has a shelf life for about 30 days.  The cost of an online interactive virtual tour is about $.27 per day and has a shelf life of 365 day with worldwide coverage.  The cost to interact with your client is much less when you use online interactive media.
- Permanent open house -  The virtual tour is like having a 24/7 open house without the presence of the realtor or home seller to show the property
- Saving time – It’s a tool to help realtors and home buyer pre-qualify properties, saving everyone time.
- Instant information - The virtual tour can be easily found online and provide instant information for homebuyer about the property, including schools, location and mortgage information. According to survey 90% of homebuyers begin their search on the Internet.
- Easy to email - The realtor or home seller can easily email virtual tour to list of prospective buyers
- Home owner and realtor partnership - Home seller the same as realtor has a potential to use a virtual tour and be active partner in marking the house by sending out links to their social network
- Home buyers prefer virtual tours -  Surveys show that over 80% of home buyers state that they prefer virtual tours when searching for a house and that a tour should be interactive so the home buyer has control what they want to view.  Buyers can literally show the property that they are thinking of buying, to family and friends before they make a buying decision.  A use of a virtual tour to look inside your future property when access to the property is a limited--- visualize room sizes and decorating schemes before you move in.
- Virtual Tours - Offer people the chance to take a virtual tour from anywhere with Internet access-- their home, office or from any remote location.
How Virtual Tour Benefits Home Sellers
- Selling your property can be costly and time-consuming.  Traditional advertising such as newspaper, adds, brochures and open houses have a limited reach. 70% of people 65 and older read a daily newspaper but only 35% of 24 -year-olds do. Print is dead to the generation of homebuyers. Do not forget that 2006, 63% of Internet buyers find their agent on the Internet. Within the next few years, this number will approach 90%. 
- A premium audio description of your home allows you to quickly communicate selling points of your home
- This online service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
- This means you will sell your property faster and will also save you time and money reach more buyers with virtual tours than any other comparable product or service on the Internet
- With our virtual tour, you can avoid the hassles of having strangers is your property unless they have senior virtual tour and know they are qualified
- You can also advertise your property through the real estate sections of leading Internet sites in addition to the links will provide
- Email your property to prospects anywhere around the country
- Offer people the chance to take a virtual tour from anywhere with Internet access--- their home, office, or from any remote location.

Accents Virtual Tours

Peachtree City, GA

Posted by Brenda - Accents Virtual Tours at 2:52 pm
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