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Accents Virtual Tours, LLC

Accents Virtual Tours is locally owned in Peachtree City, Georgia, southside of Atlanta.   Photographer and Designer, is Brenda Stewart.

Accents Virtual Tours offer dependable, professional service and customer support for all  Virtual Tour Services.  Our technlogy is not just limited to just Real Estate Tours. We can customize the look and feel of our Tours to create a Virtual Tour of any type of property, business or item and create an internet marketing campaign that downloads to dozens of websites.  We can also direct your tour to your own personal website.  Our services are just what you need to make you look your very best online!

As a virtual tour provider using Real Tour Vision technology, we can provide you with professional 360° home tours as well as 360° commercial tours in a timely fashion.

We provide Virtual photography and tours in the South Metro part of Atlanta Georgia,  including and not limited to, Fayette, Coweta, Carroll county and will travel outside of these areas as needed.


12 Photography Mistakes that Realtors do on MLS.

March 2, 2014, 2:48 pm

Below is a list of 12 mistakes that agents make on their MLS

1.  Photos with open toilets.  Make a point to close the lid or shoot at an angle where you don’t see so much of the toilet.
2. Photos that are blurry.  One should always take 2-3 shots of a room for back-up.
3. Photos with mirrors or windows that show flash or photographer in photo.  Shoot at an angle to prevent this or use a photo editing program to remove these flaws.
4. Interior photos with tints of orange, green or yellow.  Usually this can be corrected by using a photo editing software and adjusting the saturation, or by adjusting tint.
5. Rooms that look dark.  Turn on lights or shoot when the sun is at the right time of day.
6. Photos with people or pets.  Especially when using a wide-angle lens, more of the subject is going to show.  Ask the people and gather pets and move to another room.  Second, edit them out with a photo editing program.
7. Partial room shots.  Always look for a corner in the room that shows the most footage.  The further away, the bigger the room looks.
8. Crooked photo.  Any photo editor will have a straighten tool to correct this situation.
9. Exterior, front or back of home taken in the direct sun.  Avoid taking these type of photos during full sun.  Morning or late afternoon works best.  The sun should always be behind you when you are shooting the front.
10. Fridge full of magnets and pictures.  Hard to focus on the kitchen when all of this posted on fridge.
11. Cluttered counters – less on the counter, the larger the space.
12. Remember to shoot more floor than ceiling.  It will make a room look larger.  If you have a detailed ceiling, use it in a separate shot to zoom in to show detail.  Example:  Bedroom trey ceiling.

Accents Virtual Tours

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Posted by Brenda - Accents Virtual Tours at 2:48 pm
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